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B- 12 Injections: $15 or bundle 4 for $50

Lipo-B Injections: $30 with option to bundle. 5 injections for $99 or 10 injections for $149

Vitamin D Injections: $45 (Requires Lab Result)

Biotin Injections: $45

Glutathione Injections $30

NAD+ Injections $40




Can help with performance, jet lag,
and even sinus infections.
Can help with many complaints,
and helps you feel great!

Skinny Drip

Increases metabolism,
and assists with weight loss.

Immunity Boost

Can help with prevention or recovery from illness.

Migraine Relief

Helps with migraine, headache, and pain relief.


Can enhance energy and improve focus for an instant boost.

Hangover Relief

Prevention, reduction,
or elimination of hangovers.

Basic IV Fluids Rehydration 

Beauty Mix

Promotes glowing skin,
hair, and nails.

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